Working Hard For You! 

We do our very best to offer our customers a safe and dependable service, always!  Below you will find a list of some of the services that M&W Hot Oil, Inc. offers to their customers along with a brief description.


Transport/Vacuum Services

M & W’s Core business is to provide specialized vacuum truck transport services using its fleet of vacuum trucks. Old depleted wells usually leave salt water behind as a by-product of drilling; M & W extracts that water and transports it for disposal. This segment includes:

· Hauling water to and from customer’s well sites
· Separating water from oil
· Transporting waste water from the well to the disposal site

M & W currently owns 45 vacuum trucks and four transport trucks.


Hot Oiling

Hot oiling services include the circulation of heated fluid, typically oil, to dissolve or dislodge paraffin deposits from the production tubing. Such deposits tend to occur where a large variation in temperature exists across the producing system. M & W currently owns 18 hot oilers.


Acidizing Services and Chemical Sales

Acidizing is the treatment of a reservoir formation with a stimulation fluid containing a reactive acid. In sandstone formations, the acid reacts with the soluble substances in the formation matrix to enlarge the pore spaces. In carbonate formations, the acid dissolves he entire formation matrix. In each case, the matrix acidizing treatment improves the formation permeability to enable enhanced production of reservoir fluids. Matrix acidizing operations are ideally performed at high rate, but at treatment pressures below the fracture pressure of the formation. This enables the acid to penetrate the formation and extend the depth of treatment while avoiding damage to the reservoir formation. M & W currently owns three acid vans.


Kill Procedures

This service is used to prevent or stop a well from flowing into the wellbore. Kill procedures involve circulating reservoir fluids out of the wellbore or pumping higher density mud into the wellbore, or both. In the case of an induced kick, where the mud density is sufficient to kill the well but the reservoir has flowed as a result of pipe movement, the driller must circulate the influx out of the wellbore. In the case of an underbalanced kick, the driller must circulate the influx out and increase the density of the drilling fluid. In the case of a producing well, a kill fluid with sufficient density to overcome production of formation fluid is pumped into the well to stop the flow of reservoir fluids. M & W currently owns 12 kill trucks.


Wash Vacuum Services

This service simply combines the vacuum and transport processes into one truck. M & W currently owns eight wash vacuum trucks.


SAFETY Focused

M & W stays compliant with all guidelines and safety regulations. M & W is currently a subscribing member of:

· Safety Services Company
· ISN Net World
· Pec Premier
· West Texas Safety Training

All M & W drivers are brought in for basic orientation which includes H2S, hazmat, CPR, first aid and are compliant with all PPE and OSHA requirements. All drivers undergo annual recertification and must complete FIT testing.

And More...

Winch Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Gang Trucks, Back Hoes, etc. Along with Ball Out Guns, Salt Water and Fresh Water Disposal.